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After the End

November 4-December 15, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 4, 6 – 8 p.m.
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, November 21, 10:30 a.m.

All events are free and open to the public.

Minneapolis painter Melissa Loop uses images from her travels to explore notions of how we form assumptions about authenticity, place and spirituality through our ill-informed ideas of other cultures. Loop’s experience of ancient Mayan sites is used as a metaphor to process our current cultural anxiety related to some foreboding, dystopian future.

artist statement

Melissa Loop

For these landscape paintings, I use my travels as a subject to explore notions of how we form assumptions about authenticity, place, and spirituality through our explorations and ill-informed ideas of other cultures.

I was in Tikal sitting on top of the highest temple after sunset with about a dozen other tourists. We were listening to our Mayan guide tell us a story about him and his twin brother born in the Rainforest. The Mayans believe that twins are of the gods. A sign of good luck. In the distance, the tops of the other temples peaked above the Rainforest and we watched a lightning storm dance in the sky. Part of the scene was a setup created for us tourists. However, part of it was a rare moment in time that contained all of the mystic and spiritual clarity that we search for when traveling to faraway places. The set up cliché became an actual moment of transcendence. By making these half fantasy paintings, I participate in the cliché. However, I can’t help but search for those rare moments where everything transcends and becomes magical again.

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