Donation Guidelines

Donation Guidelines

Making a Donation

Support the Collection's Mission

The St. Catherine University Fine Art Collection’s mission is to encourage understanding and appreciation of art and the role art plays in society and culture. Direct engagement with art is an educational priority for the collection and is achieved through exhibitions in The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery and throughout campus, the Campus Art Loan Program, as well as research, classroom and integrated curriculum opportunities. While the breadth of this learning collection is expansive, the future growth of the collection is focused on acquiring artworks by women artists, especially those who are Minnesota-born or based, and to represent the increasingly diverse cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of the St. Catherine community.

Works coming into the Fine Art Collection should, whenever possible, support the mission of the Collection, specifically its criteria for future growth.

If you would like to donate a work of art to St. Catherine’s Fine Art Collection, please contact:

Prospective donors should submit the following information:

  • Donor contact information
  • If possible, a digital photograph of the artwork
  • If known, the name of the artist or maker, title, medium, dimensions and year the artwork was created
  • Brief description of the artwork or object
  • If known, the provenance of the artwork (its record of ownership and information about how it was acquired)

St. Catherine University will review the prospective donation information and contact the donor regarding acquisition procedures should the artwork be accepted by the Fine Art Collection. The University reserves the right to decline the donation for any reason.

Please note that all donations are permanent and must be in good condition. If a donor is willing to contribute financially to the preservation or restoration of the donated artwork, exceptions might be made to the condition requirements.