All That Is Mine / I Carry With Me

All That Is Mine / I Carry With Me

April 2, 2021
May 23, 2021
Kathryn Ward

A Virtual Exhibition by Kathryn Ward '21

All That Is Mine / I Carry With Me is a mixed media art exhibition exploring women, truth, and the unshakable. At a cultural moment where truth and doubt are at the center of every story, it is women’s voices, realities, and experiences that are all too often disregarded as dishonest, emotional, or irrelevant. This project attempts to bridge the gap between the unspeakable truths of womanhood in America and sharing a cultural reality. The feelings and stories that many women experience are captured through written and spoken word, visual art, and a short film. Topics discussed in this collection range from mental illness, religion, intimate partner violence, female friendships, and self-reflection.

This exhibition completes Kathryn Ward’s Antonian Honors Project. The Antonian Honors Program is St. Catherine University’s community of academically high-achieving students. The Program involves interdisciplinary honors
seminars, faculty mentorship, and a senior-year honors project. To watch the artist present her project, please follow
this link: 2021 Honors Presentation.

Long Night,

recycled paper on wood