Kristin Maija Peterson, "Brave Chickadee Red Forest". A chickadee on a red leafless branch, surrounded by many other red leafless branches.

Pandemic Art Annex

October 26, 2020
December 11, 2020
Shari Albers, Mari Lyn Ampe, Soma Angelus, Alison Aune, Loretta Bebeau, Kristin Bickal, Lynnette K. Black, Baya Clare, Kathy Daniels, Dar Eckert, Michelle Egan, Kristina Fjellman, Charlotte Howell, Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman ’76, Anne Kramer, Joy Liberman, Erin Maurelli, Virginia McBride, Marsha McDonald, Brenda Olson ’97, Kristin Maija Peterson, Ellie Pundsack, Pam Robinson, Maggie Rozycki, Suzanne Runte, Mary Simon-Casati, Kate Vinson, Karen Wilcox

Welcome to Pandemic Art Annex! We’re extending an invitation to everyone and anyone to submit one artwork that they have created during these last months of lockdown, social distancing, social justice reckoning and confusion—and perhaps some clarity as well. We’re hopeful that this interactive portion of Pandemic Art Lessons: A Women's Art Institute Online Initiative will broaden the discourse around what artists are thinking, feeling and doing. We will be posting new images each week until December 11, the end of our virtual exhibition. Show the world what you’ve been making: send your image (jpeg, 300 dpi, approximately 5”x7”) to along with your name, title, medium and dimensions. (Note that all submitted images are subject to curation, both technical and contextual.)