The word WARM written in teal-colored, stylized script

Roots and Fruits: Exploring the History and Impact of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota

East & West Gallery
November 3, 2018
December 15, 2018
Heather Carroll MLIS‘18
Ana Laura Juarez, Angela Rogers, Ann Aslanidis, Ann Jennings, Anna Garski, Beth Bergman, Bonnie Wagner, Carlotta Collette, Carole Fisher, Cherie Doyle Reisenberg, Claudia Brown, Diane McLeod, Dorothy Odland, Elizabeth Cleary, Elizabeth Erickson, Gemma Cullen, Harriet Bart, Hazel Belvo, Jane Starosciak, Jantje Visscher, Joyce Lyon, Judith Roode, Linda Gammell, Lynne Lockie, Mari Lyn Ampe, Marilynn Anderson, Marty Nash, Monica Rudquist, Paige Tighe, Patricia Neer, Patricia Olson, Phyllis Weiner, Quimetta Perle, Sally Brown, Sandra Kraskin, Sandra Menefee Taylor, Susan Fiene, Susan McDonald, Vicki Johnston

Saturday, November 3, 6-8 p.m.

This two-part exhibition combines period artworks and archival materials to trace pivotal events in the early history of the registry (known as WARM) and explores some of the ways its members catalyzed local art movements, programs and artists. With the national feminist art movement of the 1970s as a backdrop, this show reveals the significant role of WARM in shaping the careers of women artists in Minnesota and beyond.

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Looking back to look forward.

I have felt a sense of urgency throughout this project to document and share the earliest history of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM). Roots and Fruits was proposed in early 2017, just weeks after the last presidential inauguration, and now it is opening just days before one of the most important midterm elections in my lifetime. I feel a sense of urgency not only because of our current political climate, but also because the women in this exhibition, who have been community leaders for decades, have waited long enough for this story, herstory, to be shared. History is made by real people, people we likely know, people like us. These people are our teachers, our colleagues and our friends, but their history fades away if we don’t make the effort to preserve it, to share it, to keep it alive, to learn from it, to propel us forward.

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Oral History Booth: all WARM members, past and present, are invited to share their memories and stories about WARM during an Oral History Booth at the opening reception on November 3. No oral history or technology skills needed!

30x11: 30 Prints by 11 WARM Artists: This pop-up exhibition features three rare portfolios from the St. Catherine University Fine Art Collection. Each portfolio is comprised of ten prints, each made by WARM artists during 1976, 1977 and 1982. 30x11 will be located in the second floor gallery of the Visual Arts Building during November. In December and January, the show will be on view in the Library’s exhibition space.

During the opening reception on November 3 and for a limited time after, some 10x10 prints and full portfolios will be available as gifts for donations to the Women’s Art Institute scholarship fund. For more information, please contact Patricia Olson, Director of the Women’s Art Institute:

Curator's Talk: November 15, 7 p.m. – Heather Carroll discusses her methodologies and approach to organizing this historic exhibition. Free and open to the public. [Recording of Talk posted below.]

Panel Discussion: Connecting Across the Years, December 5, 7 p.m. – Featuring early WARM Gallery members and artists who have been influenced by WARM’s legacy – investigating connections, challenges, opportunities, differences and meanings. Panelists: Hazel Belvo, Beth Bergman, Paige Tighe and Ana Laura Juarez. Moderated by Patricia Olson. Co-sponsored by the Women's Art Institute. Free and open to the public.

Walk with Me WARM: This performative project by "fruits" artist Paige Tighe is based on her on-going series Walk with Me. Tighe explains, "For five years, I have gone on walks with people and held their hands, then documented the experience. I continue this work as a way to connect to others and to the art world. Sharing this work with others is about opening up our horizons for what life can look like and what art can be. The world is an isolating place at the moment. Maybe if we take thirty minutes to hold someone's hand and ask them about their art, it can be a positive force in the world rather than a negative one. In honor of this exhibition, I’m developing a new series titled Walk with Me WARM. For this series, I'll be asking some WARM artists to meet me on the St. Kate's campus to tell me about their experiences in the collective. Since there are so many WARM artists in the Twin Cities, I'm hoping the public can assist me with this project: I'm looking for WARM artists and those who know WARM artists to walk together and interview one another, document their walk, and share it with me. For more information about how to participate, contact, or visit the artist's website and blog.

Open call to all WARM members for inclusion in a digital slide presentation: Since it is impossible to include work by all of the women connected with WARM’s registry, membership and gallery in one exhibition, a digital slideshow presentation that recognizes both the history and ongoing evolution of the organization will be included in the show. All WARM members, past and present, are invited to submit an image of their work and an artist statement for inclusion in this portion of the show.

This digital slideshow honors the inclusive spirit of WARM and demonstrates the incredible impact WARM has had in supporting the careers of women artists throughout the state. Our hope is that this digital “registry” of the registry will continue to be shared online after the exhibition. Click here for the submission form and more information (a PDF will download). Submissions to the Roots and Fruits digital slide presentation have closed, however ongoing submissions will be accepted for inclusion in a web version to be posted on The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery website.


Heather Carroll, curator of Roots and Fruits: Exploring the History and Impact of the Women's Art Registry of Minnesota, discusses her methodologies and approach to organizing this historic exhibition.